Saturday, December 19, 2009

Year End Party 2009

This year's year end party came earlier than usual and it was planned with the three different divisions of Casemix in mind. The idea was to allow the colleagues from these divisions to mingle and get to know each other, and the idea came from none other than our director herself, Madam Koh Sai Fong.

As with all gatherings of this sort, food and games are most important - as important as the participants and guests themselves. The committee did not fail us in these aspects. The food was great and the games brought much fun. I am sure no one would deny this.

The lucky draw was like a battle among the three divisions to see who gets the bigger prizes. The initial names drawn were mainly from among the case-managers and MROs staff - leaving CCU with the best prospect of being drawn for the bigger prizes. (Hmmm ... must shake the box more next time).

And indeed that was the case with the top two prizes going to CCU, with NuNu coming out tops. MRO did well to get third prize through Guat Bee. I am sure the rest of us would not deny these lucky ones their day of luck. Congratulations to all prize winners!

Here now are some photos for you to enjoy:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally - Tracers Get 6S

It's been a long time coming - but hey - better late than never. Tracing finally gets to have 6S implemented at their work area. Take a look at the transformation . . .