Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The $10M TOTO Winning Ticket Numbers are HERE

OK - Folks! This Is It. All the tickets are in and we are ready to rock n roll.
The tickets are being safekept by a colleague who has to remain anonymous for her/his own good. I am sure you would agree that we cannot be too careful where money is concern because it is a foregone conclusion that the $10 MILLION hongbao is going to come OUR WAY ! ! !
The last batch of tickets that came in this morning are uploaded below. They are the upside-down ones. This is something advised by our regular Fengshui Master; no, not uncle Teo but the one with the crystal ball on his head. No need to mention name but you know who, right???
These are the numbers that will win us the $10 MILLION Jackpot this Friday 18, February 2011.
$10: System 7 tickets bought by Joyce.

$40: Ordinary tickets bought by me:
$120: System Roll ticket bought by Khiaw Ann.

- $105: System 7 tickets bought by Joey


Monday, January 31, 2011

Another year, another attempt at the $10 MILLION CNY Hongbao Draw

Update: 11 Feb 2011.
We have a total of 55 shares as of this moment. I have included some shares for colleagues who are away and some who have yet to P-A-Y up (in parenthesis below). I have also included Rita Chua from TBCU who has expressed an interest but have difficulty getting the $5 bill to fly over.
Here are the shareholders:
6 shares: Philip.
4 shares: Selva.
2 shares: Beng ho, khiaw ann, evelyn, juliana, steven, joey, indramani, wai lin, shandha.
1 share: Thomas, peggy, theresa, john, mavis, guat bee, beng soon, lam, bee kian, janet, gerardo, li phin, patricia, siew kuen, chong sq, grace, maggie, mui kee, win win, valerie, wai wai, nilar, myo, joyce, thinesh shanthi (angela, rita c, gilbert).
Please take a look and let me know if your name is not in the list above.
The BET: We will be placing the following bets:
1. System Roll @ $20 per roll: - - - - - - - 6 sets.
2. System 7 @ $3.50 per set: - - - - - - - -30 sets.
3. Ordinary Bet @ 50 cents per bet: - - - Balanced amount.
I am currently looking for people to buy the tickets. Please come to me if you are interested or if you think we should buy the tickets from your district or a particular outlet. We'll see what we can do. The draw date is on Friday 18 February 2011 and we can only start buying the tickets from Tuesday 15 February.
By golly, did not realize that this blog has been inactive for exactly one year. The last post was on the same subject – the $10 million Chinese New Year hongbao draw of 2010. Call it an omen or whatever you like but it sure felt good when I logged in to the blog a while ago.

So, here we go again, making another attempt to tempt ourselves into taking a chance at the BIG one. It’s a once a year affair and who knows, someone with the luck of a winner may just make us all winners this time round.

The temptation is to increase the share value but I think it is best to keep it affordable so that as many as possible can participate. What we can do is to allow for an unlimited number of shares for those who think one share does not provide the ‘kick’ they seek.

Let's see what happens.
Update: 01/02/2011
Here are the details:
Per Share value: - - - - - $5
Number of shares:- - - - Unlimited
Closing Date: - - - - - - - 14 February 2011 at 12pm sharp.
This is how it works:
It is a big hassle to organize such a pool and I hope everyone can give their cooperation to make it easier for the organiser and co-ordinator, by deciding early whether you want to participate or not, and how many shares you want.
Team leaders or team representatives to collect and tabulate the number of shares from each interested member in their teams. When done, to pass the tabulated details to me by the deadline stipulated above. Make sure that everyone is decided on the number of shares they want to buy, and that no one is left out. No late add-ons will be entertained.
Required details include the following:
1. Name of share-holders in the team.
2. Number of shares per member.
3. Total amount collected.
Points to note:
1. Please do not approach me directly to buy your shares. Rather, go to your appointed team representative before the deadline.
2. Half shares will not be entertained. However, two friends buying half a share each (to make up one share) may only have one name entered for the share. Do not provide both names.
3. Tickets will be under the safe-keeping of one anonymous colleague until the draw is made on Feb 18.
4. Photocopied ticket numbers may or may not be provided depending on whether I have time to photocopy them.
5. In the event of any dispute, the original tickets will be used to resolve such dispute and no further claims or accusations will be entertained.
6. Should there be any smaller winnings beside the BIG one, we will collectively decide what to do with the winnings by majority votes. No further queries will be entertained once the majority has decided.
7. Everyone is invited to join me on Monday 21st February 2011 at Singapore Pools head office to collect OUR $10 MILLION Hongbao.
Good Luck! and HUAT AH !!!!!