Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reviving this blog after 2 long years ...

Wow! Two quick years have just zzzzippped by in a flash ......

Didn't realize that this site had been neglected all these while. Never mind, we can revive it for a new group of friends and colleagues in the department.

Tell the younger ones a secret ... the uncles and unties were so IT un-savvy. Getting them to open ablog site was like forcing them to get drunk ... hahahaha!

Hope the younger ones can be a little more active over here than them. Perhaps, the Rec-Club can take over the running of the site and see what interesting news, articles and activities they can come up with to get every engaged and connected as one big happy H.I.S. family.

How's that?

Meantime, happy reading and hope to publish as many interesting as I can possibly can. Give me some time to re-learn the HTML language again.

Enjoy ...

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